Crochet of Yore

Child’s Sweater, originally uploaded by Ellensy.

I made this project several years ago. It was originally supposed to be for me niece, but by the time I got done, it didn’t fit her. Apparently the sleeves are really tight for anyone but a new baby…hmm. I am still working on ‘clothing’ items in crochet.
I am finishing up a summer bag at the moment. After that, I am going to do a few smaller projects so I can try some new techniques, and it won’t take me forever to do. I plan to make felted potholders and then lacy/holey half gloves after that.
I need to challenge myself a bit rather than making stuff in single and double crochet all the time. Of course, my shaping skills need lots of work…
I have joined a ‘Stich ‘N Bitch’ club though, which is very motivating. I even started working on my Vintage Stripe Blanket again, which is fun to do, and so easy while watching TV.

I do want to get to be a regular blogger…something I will have to work on.

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