New Year’s ‘Resolutions’ off to a slow start

Now that it’s January 17th, I am finally getting around to posting what I wrote on the eve of the end of the old year. Here it goes:

The last few years, I have decided not to make any distinct New Year’s resolutions.
Mostly because I was finding that in years past, if I made resolutions and didn’t stick to them, then it would just depress me. I had to let go of self-expectations becasue the consequences were too great. I was too depressed in general.

In recent years, I have worked hard at changing my way of thinking and also learned to be much gentler with myself (thanks so much to yoga practice and philosophy). This has helped me enormously in my pursuit of happiness.

But this year, I am coming up with a few reloutions, goals, changes in the way I live, whatever you want to call it.
After reading Hanna’s inspiring post and also with the help of Mae (discovered through Hanna) I have come with a few goals that I will actively persue. I know enough about myself now that if my resolutions don’t happen, I won’t beat myself up about not completing them – just come up with new ways to work on some of the goals. But most importantly, be happy.
My New Year’s Resolutions are – not necessarily in order (some of these are borrowed):

1) Consume and spend wisely
2) Improve health with yoga and smarter eating habits
3) Relish in compassion and patience

The documenting blogger (Mae) suggests 8 for the year 2008, plus add one for good luck – I really like this idea. I am still working on it though. But I have to do a journal entry first in order to come up with my 9. I am going to keep the 3 for sure though.

I am feeling fairly optimistic, though, about the New Year. This is a nice change.
I just thought of one that I thought of a couple of weeks ago. I want to improve my penmanship. I am sick of having messy handwriting. So:

4) Improve penmanship
5) connect with loved ones far away through (handwritten) correspondence.

Of course, I want to spend a lot more time on craft. And, I want to spend a lot more time blogging about it too. I am SO inspired by all the bloggers I read consistently and constantly. Truly talented people. Since I moved to Calgary, I am a member of the Garrison Stitch and Bitch Club, which has increased my crochet output greatly. I am going to post some pictures of completed…and not completed projects soon!

What I really want to start doing though is visual journaling or art journaling. I think I am a little terrified of this. I can literally spend hours looking at all the spreads on Flickr. I have books, and plan to order more, on the subject. But still, I do not create! I am trying not to collect too many art supplies, because I have more than enough. I just need to DO!

Good news is, that I now have the use of a scanner. Joy! I love scanners. It will make the blogging thing easier. I wonder what it would look like if I scanned a crochet project?

Anyway. That’s all for now.