Monday nights.

I usually have very big plans that are full of productivity for my Monday nights. Of course, after the first day back at work, after a weekend, well let’s just say that the couch – or in my case, an IKEA Poang, looks a lot more enticing.
I have managed to do a little bit of each main item on my main Monday list though. So that’s a start. Mainly, I’m writing a post!! This is truly exciting. (Maybe not for you, but certainly for me). I was inspired by Kristin Roach over at Craft Leftovers to make a blog plan. I am not actually going to share it with you in case I decide to change it. But Craft Interrupted is going to see a lot more posts I think.
It’s been a slightly hellish year so far. Lots of emotional roller coasters. I need to focus more on what’s important to me personally and I’ve decided that finding inspiration from stuff people make and creating my own stuff is definitely high on that list. And I really do want to have a blog. I just shouldn’t be worried about what I’m actually posting, so much.
I’m hoping to talk about books, works-in-progress, recipes I’ve tried, stuff I’m thinking of trying, etc. WE’LL SEE. I am interrupted after all.