I am frustrated today

I was reading through that last post of mine. It seems that when I make any kind of declaration – especially public, I crumble under the pressure and avoid the said declaration at all costs. I have been working on plenty of projects, although a lot of them have been personal. Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s just not moving me forward towards my personal/professional goals. I do have a lot of projects that are ready to go for the shop, but I am stalling on the pictures. I need to take some good pictures. I am capable of taking good pictures, but I haven’t done a lot of product photography. I spend a lot of time – way too much time – worrying about outcome, instead of JUST DOING. Which is a big thing in art isn’t it?
I am hoping to find some more courage through Stephanie Levy’s Creative Courage e-course. I am feeling rather stuck and I am hoping for a little loosening of my reins. Putting some paint on paper may help. I am hoping my blog doesn’t turn into a place for me to whine about being stuck. Because that would be pretty boring.