On Planners

There are so many things to write about planners. I have always been obsessed with them. Which one was/is going to solve my life?

I am so happy that in the last several years, paper planners are appearing everywhere. Check out #plannercommunity on Instagram and you’ll be amazed…not only at the variety, but also the creativity.

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

I’ve been a bullet journaler for almost 4 years, which in times of great stress, has been the most helpful, easiest way to stay somewhat organized. But it doesn’t solve all my current issues – it could, if I didn’t procrastinate so much. Ryder Carroll‘s book ‘The Bullet Journal Method’ is one of the best I’ve read on goal planning without losing the point of being human and being alive.

I have just set up my bullet journal for the month of October, and I feel more on track already. But I do have some issues with productivity in general ⁠— working at home is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be ⁠— so I’m going to try out the Productivity Planner, by Intelligent Change.

A work-at-home friend of mine recommended it and says within a week she was getting way more done (in combination with The 5 Minute Journal). I have actually owned the Productivity Planner for a couple of years, but have not started using it. This week though, this week for sure.

So we will see how it goes. If you like, I can update you on my progress.

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The Next Steps


I am taking my time to figure out what my next steps are.

I am enrolled in a variety of online courses, which I am working through slowly. It is so refreshing to learn something new, and feel excited about implementing the lessons.

I have read all different types of blogs for years and feel pretty comfortable with what I like and don’t like. I think I can do this.

After yet another lay-off from the corporate world, making my dreams a reality is now first and foremost. Mostly I dream of being financially abundant and not have to worry about the state of the company I work for. I want to be able to take care of my family, travel modestly (including visiting family members more regularly) and contribute adequately to the life my partner and I are building together.

After this past year, and being treated for breast cancer, putting a priority on health and reducing my stress is also paramount. My back-to-health plan includes going after what I love doing. Financial security is so important when it comes to major illness. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about at the most difficult time in your life.

It’s time to share what my experience and lessons have been in hopes that I can help someone else. I’m looking forward to the possibilities.

Start where you are

Start where you are

I have grand plans. I am constantly dreaming of a life where I am following my calling of writing and sharing through those optical fibres that connect me to the Internet. I dream of being responsible for the way I make my living.

When I’m doing something else, and dreaming of these plans, even planning these plans, it seems easy. Actually sitting down and starting, of course, is the hard part. Putting myself out there opens me up (my first thought) to criticism. Getting over that fear is definitely a hurdle. However, I also know that putting myself out there can make it possible for much more positive reinforcement to get in. The right people will find me if I’m sharing what I know and love.

Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.  – Jack Canfield

I have read plenty of books, taken many courses, listened and reflected, listened and reflected, to how I might go about achieving all this. These grand plans.

Well, it’s time to start. Perfection is the killer of so many great things. If we always waited for everything to be perfect before we started, life would pass us by. So I’m starting where I am.

Let’s see where that takes me.